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One Time Placement

Basis the company’s requirement, we mobilize the required workforce from various sources and provide it either directly to companies or to their third-party manpower service providers. We source these candidates in various job mela, rural livelihood missions, gram panchayats, etc. We facilitate their relocation by guiding them on the transit plan and accommodating them in a commonplace till their onboarding.

Our placement coordinators interact with the employers to understand the skill sets they look for and other prerequisites for their selection.

Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing has gained momentum in various sectors specifically in the logistics sector, wherein predominantly an overwhelming number of companies are exploring options to keep the asset-light, and reduce overhead costs, empowering them to stay focused on their core business operations and growth.

Myriad specializes in providing skilled manpower for the logistics sector. We go about methodically offering turn-key, end-to-end contract manpower solutions to our clients. Our professional HR consultants with rich and varied experience help in providing the right fit candidates from Sourcing to Separation.

Head Hunting

Myriad headhunting services are designed to cater to your organization’s requirements by sourcing quality candidates across managerial levels. Throughout the process, we focus on ensuring the best headhunting services. With a wide pool of skilled talent, our headhunters pick the best of the lot to aid your business’ growth.

Turnkey Hiring

When a company needs to engage a variety of professionals for a new project or to establish a shop in a new location, most organizations don't have the time or the resources to do so.

Furthermore, with competitors offering enticing packages, highly qualified expertise looks to be out of reach. Turnkey recruitment can be handy in this situation. We are Turnkey Project Consultants and we can provide you with the greatest candidate for the best job without requiring you to spend any additional money or time during the recruitment process.

HRO Services

Our Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) services focus on integrated consulting, technology, and outsourcing solutions that are flexible and adaptable to your business and the industry. From talent sourcing and development to engagement and retention, we leverage the alliance between our HR outsourcing, technology and consulting practices to enable robust HR functions for global clients.